A place where children can have a great experience of early childhood education

Little Angels Learning Academy Tu welcomes families on the lookout for high-quality childcare in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Under the direction of Myrtle Peterson, a teacher in early childhood development for 13 years, our childcare academy is dedicated to creating the best possible early childhood experience to kids. We even work with various educational programs that make education more accessible to families of all walks of life!

We share your desire to help your child bring out the best of themselves. Our age-appropriate programs are designed to provide them with the tools and skills they need to accomplish this goal.

With a secure school environment and welcoming teaching staff, you can count on us to let your child explore their potential.

group of children smiling

What We Offer

  • Healthy and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and snack
  • Part-day and full-daycare for kids of all ages
  • Transportation to area schools
  • Assistance with scholarship applications

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to helping children be the best they can be through an age-appropriate curriculum, hands-on teaching, secure facilities, and heaps of engaging activities. Giving children the best possible early childhood learning in Florida is our priority.

Our Vision

Our aim is to meet the demands of dependable child care and education in the state of Florida by advancing the interests of both kids and families who need them more than ever in the age of quick modernization.

Would you like to learn more about our childcare academy? Talk to us at 772-801-5589 | 772-672-1181.