Building the foundation for your child’s growth and learning
infant looking up

Your child’s formative years are the most important times for their growth and development. To give them the time and space to develop, we give them as many chances to rest and play as they can.

Our staff engages their social and communication skills through playing, holding and touching, giving eye contact, singing, talking, and reading stories. They also help your child develop their physical and mental faculties by allowing infants to kick, grasp, sit, crawl and reach objects.

As they become older and more capable, we introduce them to more exciting activities like dancing, chasing, throwing balls, building, and crafting. They get to do these activities in groups or on their own. This promotes both independence and cooperation with others.

All these activities are done under the supervision of our friendly and helpful teachers. We encourage you to coordinate with them to provide the best possible experience for your child. Of course, we make sure that our facilities are free of hazards and constantly monitored. Meals will always be ready on time!

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